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We Supple Manikins for training Health Professionals

Manikins-based simulations use high fidelity simulators, mannequins that breathe, with breath sounds, heart tones, and palpable pulses. In addition, the mannequin has a monitor that can display EKG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, arterial wave forms, pulmonary artery wave forms, anesthetic gases, etc. Procedures can be performed on the simulators such as bag-mask ventilation, intubation, defibrillation, chest tube placement, cricothyrotomy and others.

We offer popular manikins such as GERi Nursing Skills manikin, KERi Nursing Skills manikin, and Simulaids Patient Care CPR manikin.
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Delivering respectful care
Practice interaction and active listening with the use of a standardized patient – learning to support the birthing mother as an active participant
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Train for any childbirth position
The realistic fetal head allows for realistic attachment of vacuum for vaginal assisted delivery and creates a chignon effect
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